ISBER 2015 Congress

The International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories took place in Phoenix, Arizona, May 5-9.

Participation at the congress included attendees from Asia, Oceania, Africa, Europe and America.

Five Cryo Bio System (CBS) representatives attended the show.  Cedric Debonte (CBS);  Richard He (CBS China); James Hultgren, Cody Skees and Angela De Mirjyn (CBS USA) featured the SYMS III, High Security Tube and Nano-Digitcool during the event.

The Nano-Digitcool received much attention and generated several leads for applications such as skin tissue, blood, stem cells and others.  Other leads, such as interest in the High Security Tube for the packaging of stem cells at a large scale, will be followed up on.

The congress program included presentations on topics such as Biobanking for preservation of biodiversity; data management for biorepositories; and business cases of biobanks operating around the world.

Next year, the ISBER congress will take place in Berlin.